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08 January 2024

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8 min to read

How to get the best out of conferences

Professional tips from COO at Grantoro, Mariia

International conferences are not only an opportunity to discuss business over a cup of coffee, but also to build mutually beneficial relationships that take cooperation to a new level. I would like to share with you my recommendations and advice on how to participate in international conferences, both for beginners and those who already have experience in attending such events.

1.Preparing for the trip
It is important to prepare properly before you leave for the conference. Make sure you have all the necessary documentation, including tickets and hotel reservations.

Important! Check whether it is possible to make a check online. This will save you time at the airport and protect you from unexpected situations, especially if it is a flight with transfers.

It's also a good idea to note the key sessions and speakers you want to hear. This will help you plan your time optimally and maximise the benefits of the conference.

If the conference has an app, be sure to use it - it can help you plan your time and find keyword partners.

2. Targets and expectations
The goals of attending a conference should be clear and strategic. Before you leave, objectively assess the opportunities and set goals.

My strategy includes:
meetings with current clients;
connecting new advertisers;
increasing traffic;
discussing new, more favorable terms of cooperation.

3. Preparing newcomers 
Integration of newcomers at conferences is an important stage. Junior Affiliate Managers can go to such events in 6-9 months if they demonstrate their success and gain the necessary knowledge. The company evaluates whether it is worth sending a particular manager, taking into account their achievements and opportunities for interaction with partners.

Even for one potentially important partner, it may be worth going if there is an opportunity to increase traffic and offer individual conditions.

4. Starting a conversation: life hacks
Start conversations at conferences easily - with questions about travel and well-being. Make the other person want to talk about themselves.  This will help to warm up the atmosphere and break the ice before moving on to business communication.

Then move on to discussing the business, learning about its activities and results. Offer advice and joint opportunities to improve the work of both parties.

5. Expand your network
Conferences are the perfect time to expand your network. Get to know different market players - publishers, media buyers, direct advertisers and other companies that provide various services. 

It's important to remember: there are no irrelevant contacts at conferences, especially at senior positions. Finding value in every encounter can lead to increased profits for you and your company.

6. Conference day: schedule
Day 0: Pre-party
Before the main event, there is a pre-party, which can be official or unofficial, organised by large companies. This is an ideal opportunity to meet and discuss possible cooperation before the event.

Day 1: The conference starts
At 10am, the conference starts in large rooms. Companies present their brands, interact with visitors at their stands, exchange contacts and make new acquaintances. 

Day 2: Meetings with partners
This day is dedicated to scheduled meetings with existing partners.  It is important to send your partners a calendar in advance where they can book a meeting with you to make the most of the time.

7. Must-have skills for attending conferences
Activity and communication
It is important not to be a "wall in a flowering garden" at conferences. Actively approach people, talk and be part of the dialogue.

Excellent English language skills
​​​​​​​Effective communication with partners requires a good level of English.

Positive attitude
​​​​​​​Positive energy is your secret to success! Your mood can make your partners interested and create a pleasant atmosphere.

​​​​​​​In any situation, it is important to behave tactfully. Remember that politeness and respect for others are always in trend.

Ability to engage in dialogue
Show that you can communicate effectively and create a positive impression.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Conferences can have their own surprises. Be prepared for different scenarios and always keep a positive attitude.

8. Follow-up after the conference
After meeting with a potential partner, you can continue communication in a messenger that is convenient for them, starting with:

Small talk:  "It was nice to meet you in person. How was your flight home?"
Reminder of what we talked about: "I have a note that we talked about..."
Promoting offers: "I can send you more details about..."

This will help to retain and deepen the partner's interest, show your interest and readiness for further cooperation.

To conclude the topic of participation in conferences, it is important to keep in mind that it is not only an opportunity to present your company, but also to promote the development of personal and professional skills. 

Every meeting and conversation is an opportunity to find answers to the most important questions, establish contacts and expand your network of influential acquaintances. So plan carefully, communicate confidently and enjoy every moment in the world of affiliate business.


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