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07 June 2023

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1 min to read

Meet our new partner — Traffic Armor 😎

💥 Huge update!

You guys probably already know about Traffic Armor.
If not, it's the #1 cloaker used by most of today's largest affiliates.

They just announced a huge update that I feel will make a lot of you filthy rich quickly 💸

Residential/mobile proxies have been a thorn in affiliates' backs. Companies have already patched most ways that were used to detect them.

Well, Traffic Armor just announced that they are beta testing a new method that flags such proxies with 100% accuracy.

They are so confident that there's a public demo:  Proxy Detection Demo
It detects residential/mobile proxy services like BrightData perfectly!

So now, imagine:
✅ No more worrying about arbitrary bans
✅ No one except actual visitors being able to see your pages
✅ Blocking pesky spy tools/competitors from stealing your campaigns
✅ Being able to scale up your campaigns as much you like

We secured an exclusive coupon code that will give you all 15% off any subscription: GTORO

You can select a package and sign-up here: Create TrafficArmor Account 

Just ping us after and we'll put in a referral to get you instantly approved.

Let's make 2023 your biggest year! 🤑


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Meet our new partner — Traffic Armor 😎
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